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Ella B. Jenkins



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VIP Box Includes:
1 Ella B. Jenkins doll
2 Ella B. Jenkins wallets (Pink and Green)
$ pack of face masks (Pink, Green, Blue and Purple)
1 Hardcover book Ella B. Jenkins meets Vice President Kamala Harris
1 Tote bag (white)
1 Ella B. Jenkins keychain 

The Ella B. Jenkins VIP gift box is ready to be delivered to your loved one as-is! This very special box features professionally packaged materials and embellishments that reflect Ella B's favorite color combo, red and purple! This very special VIP Box is stuffed to the brim with all things Ella B. Jenkins! Read along with the included book and join Ella B. Jenkins on her latest story where she travels with her family to Washington D.C.

Show off your love for Ella B. Jenkins by wearing her latest accessories and fashions including beanies, wallets, and breathable face masks, all offered in a variety of fun colors. Above all else, experience the luxury of bringing the real Ella B. Jenkins doll with you wherever you go. She's super soft, super cuddly, and ready to brave your next adventure, wherever the world takes you next!!

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